How does it appear?

Damp caused by condensation is a very common problem in houses

Using the bathroom, the washing machine, the kitchen, the tumble drier, the iron, etc. contributes to create moisture inside, which does not come out easily.

This is a seasonal phenomenon, since the amount of humidity, by condensation, increases in the coldest months.

The mouldy patches that usually appear on the walls are unhealthy and aesthetically unpleasant. These patches tend to become bigger and to expand, destroying the surface little by little.

The windows mist up forming small puddles of water.

The damp by condensation is produced for several reasons, such as the so-called “cold walls”.

Which are its effects?

Damp on walls can cause different problems

Recent researches have shown that too much humidity in a house increases the possibility of suffering from breathing or lung problems and causes rheumatic breathing difficulties, headaches or bronchitis.

The excess of damp contributes to the presence of mites, fungus and bacteria. Moreover, it boosts the appearance of mould, microorganisms with spores and unpleasant smells.

These problems have a significantly negative impact on children, pregnant women and other people whose resistance is low, increasing their chances to develop breathing difficulties.

One of the studies carried out showed that 16% of minors living in houses with high levels of damp tested positive for hay fever. Another study (conducted by researchers) from the University of Birmingham concluded that moisture on walls, basements and carpets increases the chances to develop asthma.

How can this problem be solved?

TEMPORTEC paints are the solution to damp-related problems on walls

A solution to your problems would be implementing the TEMPORTEC barrier, quick, easy and effective.

Forget mouldy walls and bad smells! Remember the feeling of living in a healthy house!

TEMPORTEC ANTI-CONDENSATION is a great and revolutionary product made out of hypoallergenic materials. It is used like paint, preferably applied with a paintbrush or paint roller, and it creates a barrier that makes thermal bridges disappear. Thermal bridges are those building areas in whose construction is found a different level of uniformity, and therefore, thermal resistance is reduced.

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The TEMPORTEC painting is used in houses, buildings, hospitals and schools to improve or repair the build, and, thus, solve problems of damp caused by condensation on walls.

AIRTEC is an improvement to your home and your health, preventing the development of pollutant allergens and preserving the building.

The team is proud of offering an exclusive guarantee in this sector. If we have no success in making condensation disappear from your walls, you will get a full refund.